LCL Connectivity Brochure

Connectivity is becoming more and more important in this world. The speed with which data has to travel from one point to another is crucial, just look at self-driving cars, or remote surgery. In the future, video recordings will also take place more often without a capture and control car on site, but the control will be done remotely in a central control room. Even the cameras are operated remotely. Drones who deliver blood bags to hospitals over long distances also need connectivity. Fast connections without delay on the connection become the norm. Other business processes also rely more often on fast connections and bandwidth.

LCL is the most important and largest interconnection point in Belgium that can connect your business to anywhere in the world. We have 39 telecom operators who can support and grow your business. In our Connectivity Brochure we list for you which connectivity options are available at LCL. You will be amazed how simple it can be to optimize and expand your connectivity. You will also find a detailed overview of the telecom operators in our meet-me-rooms, with the relevant services and contact persons per operator. Complete the form below, and we will send you the Connectivity Brochure via email.

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